Delivery of the ordered goods

All the parcels sent from the Estonia, as far this is most cheap and convenient way for you and us now.

We use following shipping methods:

  1. Ground mail. Most cheap and simple.
  2. EMS express delivery. Fast, with tracking.
  3. SmartPost ( Only within Estonia.
  4. Cargobus (only to: Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Vilnius)

Ground mail delivery available to all the Europe and Russia, worldwide soon.

EMS express delivery service could be provided for: Austria, Belgium, Bulgary, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Lichtenschtein, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, France, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Hungary

We send via Smartpost within Estonia only.

Cargobus delivery available for Estonia cities, with Cargobus offices. To Latvia (any city). To Vilnius (Lithuania) city. To Finland, with help of Itella or similar service.


Delivery to Finland is possible in three ways:

  1. Ground mail
  2. EMS
  3. Cargobus

"Cargobus Helsinki+" - this is a special rate from Cargobus delivery (, which is intended for the limited area - Helsinki city and the some suburbs (Espoo, Vantaa, Masala, Kauniainen, Itäsalmi) only. For the rest of Finland, the Cargobus delivery has different rates, so pay attention, when choose Helsinki+. Make sure, you are in one of the places listed above. You are responsible for the right choice.

If you are not sure, if the Cargobus Helsinki+ is the right choce and you would like to get the list of delivery services available for your delivery adress - please send us the right address and zip code if applicable.

Return policy:
Based on practice, it is recognized that there are situations of returning of the goods occured because of the parcel packer mistake, product damage or production defects. This is normal for all the business doing sililar activity. However, we try to reduce the negative aspects and to reduce their number to zero. Sometimes, the search for causes and truths are tightened because of the specificity of our business, but we are always on the side of truth and strive to leave a good impression on the client, the case worthy of an answer.

In case of damage goods, please fix this fact with corresponding papers on receiving the goods, and the photos of damages parcels and goods are greatly appreciated for solving the problem faster. We insure all the parcels with fragile items, when sending.