• HY-FILTER 125, 400m3/h
  • Find the range of carbon filters with the best quality/price ratio on the market: the Hy-Filter V2 Carbon!

    Products by brand Winflex Ventilation, specialising in climate management, Hy-Filter V2 Carbon filters, in its second generation, provide better odour treatment (96%) and a more meticulous finish, by means of a foam pre-filter and two fixing elastics to attach the pre-filter to the filter itself.

    Relatively compact for its performance, Hy-Filter V2 Carbon filters will delight all growers with small budgets.

    Autonomy of the Hy-Filter V2 Carbon 400 m3/h flange 125 mm: 18 months of use.

    Maximum volume of air extractor to be connected: 400 m3/h.

    Dimensions : 50 x 15 cm.

    Hy-Filter V2 Carbon 400 m3/hour: 125 mm.

    Weight: 8.5 kg.

    Precautions when using a carbon filter :

    Indoor Discount recommends you to choose and properly maintain your Hy-Filter V2 Carbon :

    - select your filter so that its maximum accepted flow rate is greater than or equal to that of the air extractor installed;

    - place the filter inside and at the height of the growing area, at the inlet of the duct (duct) leading to the extractor

    - check the overall condition of the pre-filter (or protective wadding) surrounding the carbon filter, i.e. as soon as it is tarnished (pollution, dust, pollen, etc.), remove the pre-filter from the carbon filter and clean it at 30°C in the washing machine to finish with a natural drying process

    - install the carbon filter as indicated above, at the moment when the odours become too strong, i.e. during flowering or declared fruiting, keeping the climate tightly below 70% humidity, so as not to permanently destroy the efficiency of the Hy-Filter V2 Carbon filter.

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HY-FILTER 125, 400m3/h

  • 67.00€

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