The AGRO Superplant lamps are designed to match with the absorption spectrum of plants (photosynthesis). These bulbs have been developed specifically for applications in commercial horticulture. An ideal spectrum is then released for the intensive cultivation of plants throughout the year.
This lamp provides optimum production of processes thanks to their long lifespan.
You will get a constant light flow during the 10000 hours of operation. It is advised to replace the lamps after this period, or every 2 years (for high-yields crops, replace your bulbs every 3/4 blooms).
The AGRO SUPERPLANT bulbs are particularly suitable for exhibition of all kinds of fruits and vegetables.
Find a real horticultural spectrum with 30% more blue, enabling you to get a light bulb adapted to growth as well as bloom.
Its light yield is superior to all the biggest brands on the market, with its more intensive blue: your plants will quickly feel the difference!
Bulb usable both on magnetic ballasts as well as on electronic ballasts.

 - For intensive horticulture in any season.
 - A solid construction, high impact for low failure rate
 - 6 months warranty
 - Average life: 16,000 hours
 - 1000W
 - 148,000 lumens.

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1000W Agro

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