The roots of a plant constantly renew their outer hull.
Old cells are repelled and replaced by new ones. The faster a root grows, the more old root material ends up in the plant medium. Old plant parts mainly consist of cellulose. Only special
micro-organisms can demolish cellulose. They transfer cellulose into
plant-active grape sugar. The roots directly use the sugar for food.
When a part of the plant (like a leaf or a root) is no longer useful to the plant,
it takes all the transportable content like minerals out (that's why they turn yellow) and the celluloses is left behind. The plant then gets rid of the dead leaf or root. A plant renews it's parts constantly. This is why indigestible celluloses remains are left in the medium, which is being contaminated increasingly. In nature there are special micro-organisms, especially fungus, which digest the plant fibres with the help of enzymes.
Hesi PowerZyme is an extract made out of these specialized micro­ organisms, and contains these enzymes in its pure form. The big advantage of pure enzymes is that no quaint micro-organisms can disturb the healthy microflora.
What are enzymes? Enzymes are protein molecules, which catalyse the metabolism. For every task there is a special species of enzymes.

Enzymes have two vital advantages:

1. They work 100% independently from cells, therefore they are also isolated in an extract.
2. They can repeat their task many times (working some days without stopping) until they are used up.
For this reason Hesi PowerZyme must be used regularly, to keep the plant medium in an optimum condition.

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HESI PowerZyme

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