• Diamond Nectar, GHE
GHE Diamond Nectar 0.5L

Diamond Nectar is an exclusive fulvic acid axtract carefully mined from an extraordinary Leonardite deposit in New Mexico.
Rich in both organic and mineral substances easily available to plants, it is an organic stimulator to plant growth from cutting till beginning of flowering.

Diamond Nectar is suitable for all crops such as fruit trees, vegetables, trees, ornamental and fragrant plants. In combination with standard fertilizer schemes Diamond Nectar facilitates earlier and abundant yields, healthy plants, grants taste sensation as well as an enhanced quality which you are looking for. Diamond Nectar is simply added to the nutrient solution for soil-cultivation, grain spawn or hydroponics and can also be used as a foliar fertilizer.

Recommended use: 1-2ml per 4.5L

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Diamond Nectar, GHE

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