• T.A. Protect (ex. GHE Bio Protect), 30ml
GHE Bio Protect 30ml

Bio Protect is a plant tonic and regenerator.

- It reinforces the plant's immune systems.
- It increases its defence system by laying a coat of repellent alcaloids on the surface of the leaves.

Composition: Bio Protect is made of natural amino-acids extracted from plant and fruit, and contains essential oils. It stems from ecological recycling with no addition of chemical and synthetic products.

Application: Apply in a fine foliar spray, preferably in demineralised water.
5ml per litre, a few days after the final transplant - in the evening, once a week, for 3 weeks. No more.

- Spray in the evening, under high humidity levels (>75%).
- Shake well before using. Keep at room temperature.

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T.A. Protect (ex. GHE Bio Protect), 30ml

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