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Powerful root stimulator

Rhizotonic is an extremely active root stimulator. This has been an incontrovertible fact for many years for lots of growers. It is clear to seen that the plants reacts quickly to Rhizotonic’s natural substances and trace elements. Powerful, white roots form in no time at all if Rhizotonic is added to the nutrient solution.

Rich in bioactive elements

Rhizotonic’s power is based on its high quality and the way in which the raw materials are processed. Rhizotonic’s important raw materials include the mineral rich algae that grow in the frozen artic sea at the foot of a volcanic island. These algae thrive in the exceptional microclimate that exists close to the clear surface waters of a warm gulf stream. The way in which the freshly harvested algae is processed by using a depolymerized enzyme complex is unique! This makes Rhizotonic particularly rich in natural bioactive elements that stimulate the plants’ root development and resistance. This stimulation comes about because substances that originate in algae are very similar to the natural growth and protective substances found in fast growing plants. Examples of this are the countless vitamins and oligosaccharides. Canna Research has been able to identify more than sixty different active components in total.

Increased resistance

The plants’ increased resistance can be explained by the healthy, substantial roots that develop when Rhizotonic is used. In addition to this, the oligosaccharides have a resistance increasing effect because they boost the active defence of the plants at cell level; defence response. Root sicknesses in particular have less chance to develop which is very important in the first weeks for a young plant because at that time they are still very susceptible to these sorts of sickness. So add Rhizotonic to the nutrient solution from the very beginning. Healthy, highly productive plants will only be achieved if the starting material is given a good start.

Stress reliever

Many growers will agree that the plants recover quickly from a stress situation if they are sprayed with diluted Rhizotonic. Transporting and repotting are two examples of such stress situations. Spraying with Rhizotonic means that the plants won’t need a lot of time to recover and growing can continue almost immediately. Rhizotonic also generally has a very positive effect on badly developed and unhealthy plants because they are experiencing a lot of stress as well.

Suitable for all growing mediums

Rhizotonic can be used in all growing situations. Regardless of whether it’s a question of recirculation or run-to-waste systems, outdoor cultivation or NFT, Rhizotonic always gives fast, visible results.


Plant feeding is often balanced so that it has the correct pH which enables the plants to make optimal use of the nutrients. If the pH in a nutrient tank is a little too low it can be raised to the desired level with Rhizotonic.

Rhizotonic Directions of Use

● Shake bottle well before use.
● Dilute 400 ml concentrate per 100 litres of water (1:250).
● Apply 1-6 times to the growing medium each day and/or spray directly on the leaves until a strong root system has developed.
● It is best to pre-treat the growing medium with this solution when repotting.
● RHIZOTONIC works best with a low EC. If necessary, only give the plants RHIZOTONIC during the first few days.

Other instructions

Over-fertilization has a negative effect on the environment, the substrate and the plant.
RHIZOTONIC is 100% vegetable based and suitable for use with soil, coco and in hydroponic systems.
Store closed, frost free and in the dark.
Keep out of the reach of children.

Warranties / Guarantees

The packaging is made from 100% Polyethylene (PVC and cadmium free), an easily degradable and recyclable plastic.

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Canna Rhizotonic 5L

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