The MINI is a small plastic-box with a 2-cell MEMBRANE inside; this unit treats areas like wardrobes, shoe wardrobes, cars and others respectively at doors as an odor-barrier, up to 1,000 cu.ft (30m3). The MINI and the MAXI are to adjust by turning both rotatable endcaps so that the consuption is really


All products of the VAPORTEK ODOR CONTROL SYSTEMS employ a proprietary compound of 52 selected natural oils, called NEUTROX GAMMA, hermetically sealed into a membrane formed from a patented fibermaterial that permits NEUTROX GAMMA to 'breathe' through the surface of the membrane as a vapor. Convection carries the vapor very quickly anywhere the air is allowed to circulate.


VAPORTEK's compound is an odor neutralizer. It modifies the olfactory nature of unwanted odors to a point of odor disappearance. When two substances of given concentrations are mixed, the resulting odor maybe far less intense than that of separate components and not be perceptible. This is the principle behind odor modification, or neutralization and the basis of VAPORTEK's odor neutralizing products.


During the first days of use the own scent of NEUTROX GAMMA is noticeable. This is quite normal and will reduce after 3-5 days. The important thing is to smell nothing, neither NEUTROX GAMMA nor the malodors. As soon as NEUTROX GAMMA is perceived you adjust it lower. The liquefied active substance, NEUTROX GAMMA is heavier than normal air. For a perfect result. The product must have the possibility to fall so that the used units must be located at an altitude of at least 6 feet. Please avoid the direct contact between the active substance and your things like wood furnitures, fabric, carpeting and different plastics.

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