RP PUMP pumps are intended to be used in aquariums, hydroponic systems and waterdecorations, according to the model. All RP PUMP pumps can be used in both sweet- and salt water aquariums as circulation pumps for biologic filters. Not to be used in chemically polluted water, below 2 degrees or above 40 degrees. Values and performance indicated have been measured on an ideal situation (without filters or accessories).



RP PUMP pumps are supplied with a tule for hose connection. For all types, the pump must be fully immersed in order to reach maximum water height and diameter.



Safety : the mains must comply with the specifications mentioned on the pumplabel. Do not connect in case of discrepancies or of damaged wires. RP PUMP pumps are equipped with a circa 1m80 long cable, in compliance with CE norms. Never carry the pump by its wire, never shorten the wire and keep the plug dry. In case of maintenance or repair, the mains must be cut.



Install the pump on an even base, under water or below water level. RP PUMP pumps are not self-priming and hence always need to be installed below water level. In order to prevent clogging due to sediment, you should not install the pump directly on the bottom of the pond. The pump must be fully immersed to guarantee optimum water flow. The mains should not be connected until the pump is fully immersed. Never have the pump work ‘dry’, that could cause permanent damage. Use hoses and/or ducts that have the largest possible diameter, and over the shortest possible distance. Opt for fluent connections rather than for elbows.



The motor of your RP PUMP pump is fully embedded in epoxy resin, and therefore maintenance free. To achieve optimal performance, some limited maintenance may be performed every now and then.

1.Cleaning the filterhouse. To remove dirt and sediment, remove the filter housing from the pump and clean it by means of running water.

2.Cleaning the rotor. The only moving part of the pump, the rotor, should be removed as follows : remove the filter housing and the filter basket, remove the pump lid by twisting it a quarter of a turn and by pulling it straight off, remove the rotor from the pump housing. Be carefull not to lose the bearings and the bearing rings. Rinse the parts under running water. Also clean the pump housing. Replace the parts and tighten the pump lid.





In case you do not use your pump for a long time, it is recommended to store it frost-free in a bucket filled with water. That prevents dirt and scale from drying up in the pump housing. Scale and dirt might grip the rotor, the motor could then burn upon being activated again. To prevent this hazard, it is recommended to clean the pump as described above after removing it from the pond and to dry the rotor and the pump housing thoroughly. You can then reassemble the pump and store it. If by chance the pump has not been cleaned previously, we recommend removing dirt by means of hot water and dissolving scale with vinegar. Before connecting the mains again, it is recommended to manually spin the rotor to ensure that it revolves freely.

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