• Platinium Hydro Grower 40

HydroGrower 40 :
For beginners, pro and small spaces.
Simple, effective and elegant.

An ideal system for large plants: 1, 2 or maybe 3 plants, depending on the size!
This small system is the most efficient on the market, without comparison, reliable and especially very easy to use.
Unbeatable value for money!
The HYDROGROWER 40 was developed in France by the engineers of Platinium Hydroponics, in collaboration and manufactured in Canada, guaranteeing quality on the hydroponic market.

To create this system, they have completely analyzed existing products and found that few systems on the market are equipped with access to the nutrient solution tank. We have developed our system with easy access and a removable hatch, avoiding light to come in.

This system is made in 100% ABS quality plastic, the best on the market.
It is also the lowest on the market, only 28cm high.

Its dimensions are ideal: 40x40x28cm.

It is very easy to use and is installed in just 3 minutes.

The plants grow in a culture tray filled with clay pebbles. This tray is placed directly on the tank, filled with nutrient solution. A water pump spreads the nutrient solution into an irrigation line that distributes the nutrient solution in a distribution ring, and flows through the clay pebbles to fall into the tank. The solution is then gorged with oxygen and goes up, and so on. In a closed circuit.

This system is 100% modular: you can adapt easily in 5 different systems, hydro or aero, at your choice.
A worldwide innovation: it becomes an AeroStar 4 (pack 4 Aero plates, 4 sprayers 360°), irrigation tubes and drips, 4 foams 7cm, 4 baskets 5cm, pump 750L/H), an AeroTop 4 (pack top aero white x1, pump 750L/H, irrigation tube, 2 sprayers 360°, 2 plugs 4mm, 4 foams 7cm, 4 baskets 5cm), an HydroStone 4 (the most simple: simply buy the irrigation tube with drips, 4 Grodan rockwool cubes 10x10x6.5cm instead of the drip inside pots, insert them in the rockwool cubes) or an HydroStar 4 (4pots and irrigation).

Dimensions: 40x40x29cm
Water pump XtraPump 250L/H and irrigation tube included in the system.
Tank: 15 to 20 liters.
Allow 12 to 15 liters of clay balls.
Installation: 5 minutes.

Made in Canada.

1 year warranty.

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Platinium Hydro Grower 40

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