• Platinium Hydro Stone 4

Platinum Hydroponics presents its HydroStone 40 -4 plants.
For beginners, pro and small spaces.
Simple, effective and elegant.

The most simple system of the range Platinium Hydroponics Modular 40, but the base of all the Platinium Hydroponics systems.

This system includes a tank and the same tray as the Platinium HydroStar 4, AeroStar 4 and the AeroTop 4, with the same irrigation system as the HydroStar 4 plants.

Modular system, you will be able to grow on rockwool on a base of 20 cubes LDR (rockwool) 15x15cm as well as in pots of 3.4 liters (15x15x20cm), both are perfectly adapted.
A tank with an easy access thanks to a movable hatch, and equipped with a graduation offering you a quick view of the nutrient solution remaining.

Equipped with a XtraPump 250L/H pump and an efficient irrigation system that spread the nutrient solution directly through the drips and feeding the rockwool cubes with the solution.

A simple and effective system, the fans of cultivation on rockwool will be pleasantly surprised by the yields given by this inexpensive machine which price appears to defy competition.

A real quality 100% ABS plastic that fully composes in its entirety the new 2012 Range PLATINUM Hydroponics.

Dimensions: 40x40x28cm
Tank 15 to 20 liters capacity.
Installation in 2 minutes.
Pump XtraPump 250L/H with 1 year warranty and irrigation included.
Instructions included in the spare parts bag.
1 year warranty.

This system is 100% convertible: you can easily adapt it in 4 different systems, in hydro or aero version.
A worldwide innovation: it becomes a Platinium AeroStar 4 (with 4 aero plates, 4 sprayers 360°, 4 foams 7cm, 4 baskets 5cm, irrigation tubes and drips, and a pump 750L/H),or a Platinium AeroTop 4 (with a Platinium white Aero, a pump 750L/H, an irrigation tube, 4 sprayers 360°, 2 plugs 4mm, 4 foams 7cm and 4 baskets 5cm), or a Platinium HydroStar 4 (simply get pots of 3.4liters).

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Platinium Hydro Stone 4

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