• Blumat for houseplants

Blumat for house plants, 1pcs

The Blumat system supplies plants with water directly through porous clay cones- the surrounding soil, when dry, sucks moisture out of the cone. Water then re-fills the cone from the adjacent reservoir. Prerequisite for correct operation is a lower or equal water level in the reservoir. A limited capacity for transporting water is designed to meet the needs of indoor plants, two different cone sizes allow for a better fit according to the plant's requirements.

Typical use cases: pot plants with low water consumption.
Where to use: indoors and outdoors. The soak tubing is very unlikely to leak.
Installation required: No.
Units to be filled with water before use: Yes.
Units to be watered before use: Yes.
Units work with: negative water pressure (<10mbar)
Source of water: the container volume.
Can the plant be on a higher level than the source of water? yes, up to 50cm, but it causes lower water dispension
Supply capacity per day: up to 125ml
Max. distance from water source: 60cm
Moisture regulation possible: limited yes, via elevating / lowering water container

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Blumat for houseplants

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