• Tropf Blumat

Tropf Blumat, 1pcs

Each Tropf Blumat unit is sensor and dripper at once. The power of dry soil to soak water out of wet matter causes a lowering of the pressure in the unit. The integrated membrane in the head of the unit transforms that vacuum into a reduced pressure onto the drip tubing. The pinch off releases, water starts dripping out.

Typical use cases: plants in containers or in ground with medium to high water consumption.
Where to use: outdoors and in water proof environment (balconies, teraces, winter gardens, green houses). Since it requires an installation of tubings and connectors it always bears a minimal risk of leakage.
Installation required: Yes.
Units to be filled with water before use: Yes.
Units to be watered before use: Yes.
Units work with: positive water pressure (0.1 ... 1,3 bar)
Source of water: water tap 3/4

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Tropf Blumat

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