• Growly v2.4

Growly 2v4 is a plant feeding robot. It is capable of watering plants automatically with fresh water and/or feeding solutions, based on the user's defined watering programs, or it can be driven manually. The user interacts with Growly through Cadiweb UI - an application for Growly device's setup and control.

Growly 2.4 can feed the plants, growing in soil, coco or dirrefent types of hydroponic systems, like DWC, NFT, rockwool, Ebb and Flow and other.

The Growly 2.4 maintains the following actions fully automatically:

- mixing up the watering solution, intaking a fresh water and mixing in the fertilizers into it, supplied from the volumes connected  (bottle, jerry, bucket, etc). User defined settings include:  fresh water amount, fertilizers amounts, aftermix durations

- performing a plain watering cycles, when a solution from the MixTank is used for watering the plants, or performing some other type of feeding activity

- refilling the tank, when the is not enough watering solution to make a proper watering cycle. User defined settings include: the allowed amount of water in the tank, to perform a plain watering cycle

- draining an old solution, and preparing a new ones. User defined settings include: how many tank refills must happen, before a new solution has to be made

- automatic adjustment of watering solution pH level, continuously, after water intake and after a set of fertilizers has been added. User defined settings include: a pH level to stabilize watering solution value around, continuous and other modes' on/off flags

Beside this, Growly allows user to monitor a state of plants feeding system and perform manual activity remotely. Cadiweb control software stores a log file of Growly status records continuously.


  • Number of Outputs: 6+1 (6 outputs and 1 back valve to return the water to MixTank, when mixing performed)
  • Number of Inputs: 1+1 (Fresh Water and MixTank water intake)
  • Number of fertilizer dosing pumps: 4
  • Nominal dosing speed: 1.5ml per second
  • Maximum system pressure: 4 bar (~60psi) with no pump cutoff installed / 2.4bar with cutoff
  • Maximum water flow: 10 liters per minute (Flojet 4406-143)
  • Maximum water input pressure: 4 bar / 60 psi
  • Power supply: 110VAC, 220VAC or 12VDC. 3A, 1.5A and 25A respectively.
  • Power failure recovery: yes
  • Operating temperatures range: +1 to +60 degrees Celsius
  • Connectivity: Ethernet port, 100Mbps
  • pH monitor resolution: 0.1pH
  • EC monitor resolution: 0.1mS
  • Temperature sensor error: +/- 0.5° Celsius

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Growly v2.4

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