Complete set of all the necessaries for one small/medium plant. Please read brief and clear description below — what parts are included and what to do with them. For more information about each element, follow hyperlinks at the product names.

Grow Tent Set Eco 60х60х140 LED 105W includes

ProductPriceSpecial Price
Growtent Black Box ECO 60x60x140101,0090,90
LED Lamp Mars Hydro TS 600, 105 W176,00158,40
Otio Mechanical Timer13,7512,38
Active Carbon Filter Hy-filter 100 mm / 250 m3/h47,0042,30
Duct Fan Vents TT-10059,4053,46
Power Cord for Duct Fan4,504,05
Circulation Fan Advanced Star 15 W22,5520,30
Duct Combi Tube 100 mm2,952,66
Steel Chain 1 m, 3 pcs3,302,97
Carabiner 40x40, 3 pcs2,852,57
Clamp 60–135 mm, 3 pcs4,954,46
PVT Tape, 10 m2,752,48
Thermohygrometer ProHygro Medium16,5014,85
Extension Socket with Surge Protection, 6 sockets12,0010,80

Grow tent Black Box Ec60x60x140 cm

Grow tent is very easy to assemble. Collapsible strong stable frame made of metal tubes and hard plastic connectors, on which a tent is put on; Two rails for hanging equipment can withstand up to 36 kg. Two mounting sleeves (Ø 15 cm) + a smaller one for cables (Ø 9 cm). Door with a zipper on the front wall. Velcro mesh ventilation window on the side wall for passive airflow.

LED Lamp Mars Hydro TS 600

Quantum board with Samsung diodes and reflector. The full spectrum of light covers all the needs of plants at all stages of life. Hangers are included. Does not require additional cooling. Power consumption 105 W.

Otio Mechanical Timer

Analog timer with 24-hour (daily) cycle, 30 minute steps. You DO NOT need to start it every day, just set it up once and it will work in the selected mode continuously. When it's time to reset the cycle (e.g. change lighting hours from 18/6 to 12/12), simply push/pull the appropriate petals.

Active Carbon Filter Hy-filter 100 mm / 250 m3/h

Carbon filter is installed at the beginning of the ventilation duct, where air is taken in. The filter is connected to the air duct with a clamp, the joint is additionally sealed with PVT tape. Duct, clamp and tape are also included in this set. 

Ventilation connection diagram

The filter will last for 2–3 cycles, then you will need to take a new one. This is a budget model with no feature of coal replacement. Optionally, you can choose a filter with the possibility of replacing the carbon. Activated charcoal for replacement is also available in our store.

Duct Fan Vents TT-100, 100 mm / 145–187 m3/h

Pulls out the air purified through the carbon filter. Same the filter, it is connected to the air duct with clamps and PVT tape. Two operating speeds. The kit does not include a speed switch. Power consumption 21 W (1st gear) / 33 W (2nd gear).

Power Cord for Vents TT-100

The manufacturer does not supply a power cable with this model, so it is sold separately. All the other Vents-TT series fans are supplied with cables included.

Circulation Fan Advanced Star 15 W / 15 cm

Mixes the air inside the tent, that uniforms the microclimate. Air blows on plants making them train to resist the “wind”, their structure strengthens. Easy attachable to the tube frame of the grow tent. Two speeds. The diameter of the blades is 15 cm, the protective grille is 20 cm. Adjustable axis of the head. Power consumption 15 W.

Thermohygrometer ProHygro Medium

Shows the temperature and humidity inside the grow tent. The remote sensor allows you to place the display outside, convenient way to keep an eye for control. It also shows the minimum and maximum values for the past 24 hours.

Duct Combi Tube100 mm, 1 m

Flexible, durable air duct made of laminated aluminum foil, polyester and PVC on a high carbon steel wire frame.

Steel Chain, 1 m, 3 pcs

Three pieces of chain one meter each for hanging the filter and duct fan.

Carabiner 4x40 mm, 3 pcs

Steel carabiners for securing chains.

PVT Tape 50 mm, 10 m

Adhesive tape for sealing the joints of the ventilation equipment.

Clamp 60–135 mm, 3 pcs

Steel clamps for fixing the duct on the equipment flanges. Tightened over PVT tape.

Extension Socket with Surge Protection, 6 sockets, 1.5 m

Protects electrical equipment from overloads up to 13500 A. In case of a power failure, the surge protector will prevent your electrical equipment from burning out.

Energy consumption per month, kW

Lighting mode 18/6 — 91 kW
Lighting mode 12/12 — 72 kW

How to Order an Eco 60х60х140 Grow Tent Set

  • 10% discount when ordering a set.
  • Order a completely equipped grow box kit in one click — just add it to your cart.
  • Use the kit as a guide to build your perfect grow box. Choose each component separately — change, remove, and add elements on your own.
  • Important! When adding products separately one by one, the 10% discount will not appear automatically. To get a discount, confirm your order, but don’t proceed the payment. Our manager will contact you and add the discount to your order manually.

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Grow Tent Set Eco 60x60x140 LED 105W

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