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Hydro Flores

During the plant’s flowering phase the direct availability and correct composition of nutrients play a crucial role. HYDRO Flores stimulates fruitification and contains all the nutrients that the plant needs during this phase.

During the flowering phase considerably less nitrogen is needed, but the need for potassium and phosphor increases. In addition to this, Hydro Flores’ unique formula is rich in chelated trace elements in a directly absorbable form and these give exuberant flowering.


CANNA Hydro Vega and Flores is the nutrient for systems in which the drainage water is not returned to the nutrient tank but is drained away. CANNA Hydro is the most popular nutrient used in the Netherlands with this system. Inert substrates such as rock wool or mapito are generally used with these systems.

In contrast with cultivation on soil for example, using substrates makes it possible to determine the exact amount of nutrient that the plants receive. This requires more know-how than cultivating on soil but higher yields can be achieved because there is more control over the nutrients. With a few exceptions, the composition of tap water in the Netherlands doesn’t vary between cities and regions. CANNA has developed the Rotterdam Special especially for growers in and around Rotterdam.

CANNA Hydro is one of the cornerstones that have helped CANNA to become a large concern.

Hydro Flores Directions of Use

• Shake bottle well before use.
• Fill the nutrient tank with water.
• Add Canna Flores to the nutrient tank in the ratio 1:250 (400 ml A and 400 ml B per 100 litres of water) as follows:
- Add Canna Flores A to the nutrient tank.
- Stir well, then add Canna Flores B
- Stir well once again and let mixture stand a couple of hours.
• The EC of Canna Flores diluted with (tap) water will then be between 1.8 - 2.7 mS (= the EC of the concentrate + the EC of the water).
• Recommended pH: 5.2-6.2.
• Because the buffering action and EC of tap water varies depending on where you live, it may be that the above guidelines cannot be achieved. This is why the pH and EC should always be checked. The pH can be raised with Canna pH (Pro)+ and lowered with Canna pH- grow or pH- bloom.
• When growing intensively feed the plants this solution 1-3 times a day and make sure that the drainage is between 10% and 20% and/or rinse with water every 1-2 weeks. This generally means 4-6 litres of nutrient per m² per day.

Other instructions

• Canna has developed a different fertilizer, Canna Vega, for the plants’ growing phase.
• Never mix the A & B concentrates in their undiluted form. Insoluble compounds that the plant cannot absorb will form if this is done.
• Over-fertilization has a negative effect on the environment, the substrate and the plant.
• Store closed, frost free and in the dark (UV light breaks down the iron chelates in the nutrient).
• Keep out of the reach of children.

Warranties / Guarantees

CANNA only uses pure, high quality nutrients and chelates, which are available to the plant immediately and completely.
The bottle is made from Polyethylene (PVC and cadmium free), an easily degradable and recyclable plastic.


About Hydro

Tested for years

CANNA became a pioneer in cultivation on substrates with the introduction of CANNA Hydro nutrition for plants. When cultivating with a substrate the soil is replaced by an inert growth medium such as rock wool, which does not contain any nutrients. HYDRO is the best nutrient for growing on inert substrates. CANNA Hydro is mainly used with ‘run-to-waste’ systems where the drain water runs away. CANNA Hydro has been the most popular nutrient in the Netherlands for years.

Precise cultivation

With CANNA Hydro growers have optimum control over what they give to their plants. It’s like the plants are on a drip. This requires more know-how than cultivating on soil for example, but higher yields can be achieved because there is greater control over nutrient intake. This makes it possible to make immediate adjustment to the plants if there’s the threat of something going wrong. It is also important that there is no harmful ballast in the nutrition that is given because this will have an immediate negative influence on the plants’ development. Obviously CANNA Hydro does not contain these substances.


Growing on inert mediums is still the most widely used growing method in the Dutch horticultural sector. With run-to-waste systems, the nutrient solution runs past the roots once and is then drained off. This means that the nutrient solution must have the correct composition.

High yields

Canna Hydro is one of the success formulas that made CANNA big. Hydroponics makes precision cultivation a fascinating concept. Thanks to CANNA Hydro the grower’s accumulated experience is rewarded by the plant with fuller and thicker tops That’s why growers are enthusiastic about their results harvest after harvest.

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Canna Hydro Flores A+B 2x1L

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