• AP pH Minus Growth 500ml
It is necessary to know the pH of the substrate / nutrient solution in order to ensure optimal growth conditions for plants. acidity can be measured with simple tools, such as pH test paper strips, drop tests and electronic measuring instruments. Since the plant needs more nitrogen during growth, i.e. in the vegetative phase, nitric acid would be the best solution to lower the pH.

pH values ​​and substrate response
< 3.5 very strongly acidic substrate
3.6-4.5 strongly acidic substrate
4.6-5.5 moderately acidic substrate

5.6-6.5 weakly acidic substrate
6.6-7.2 neutral substrate
7.3-8.4 alkaline substrate
> 8.5 strongly alkaline substrate

NB! Be careful when using it, since it is still an acid, and we also emphasize the use of personal protective equipment (rubber gloves, safety glasses, and a rubber suit would be especially good).

We recommend checking the pH value before and after applying the acid.

Composition: HNO3 38%

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AP pH Minus Growth 500ml

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